Friday, 25 July 2008

Ryan's Dungeon Scene

My 7 year old son wanted a couple of my skeleton army, especially a couple of the painted ones, but then he decided that he also wanted one of the unpainted ones to have a go at himself. This is the very first 1/72 figure he has painted, and I think he's done a fine job of it.

He also decided to make a little dungeon / cavern scene - (Completely unprompted by me.) - I was using a sheet of polystyrene to rest on so I could punch holes through a plastic coated board without damaging our dining room table, as that would have made me less than popular with the Mrs!

Anyway, ryan asked if I could break a lump of polystyrene off from him, and also let him have an old vinyl tile as a base. he then set to work, sticking it together, then painting it with acryllic paint, and finally sprinkling on a little of my basing sand. Once again, I think you'll agree the end result is pretty spectactular, considering this is the very first attempt he has made at making anything of this type from scratch!

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