Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gaming and painitng again.

Nothing much to report, but I am back in the swing of things (a bit.)
I'm currently painting and basing a bundle of wild West figures that have been sat around for ages, to be used with the old Avalon Hill game - GUNSLINGER. I'm still in need of a handful of filler figures, and have quite a few spare cowboys and indians (Revell) for swap purposes, if anybody has a couple of specialist bits.

Melee - I have played this a few times, created a small group of slightly experienced adventurers, ready for solo adventures such as Death Test and Grail Quest. I've also been building up and painting suitable scenery for that project.

Finally I have joined a group playtesting a new game which is a platoon sized fantasy battle game....More than that I don't know yet.

Not played SoBH for a while, nor have I played Traps & Treasures for a bit. Both of which I really ought to dig out and play again

Friday, 8 April 2011

Melee adventure

I've put together a short single building adventure to introduce my eldest son to Melee (The Fantasty Trip.) It starts off in a small room with a Lord telling you about his domain. In the side rooms are a gladiator / guard type fighter who will either aid or attack you depending on your approach to the lord. You then enter a large hall to confront a handful of orcs, a small caged room contains a bear, and a trapdoor that leads to a snake pit. A secret passage from there leads up to a store room with 3 barrels, which may contain a healig potion or posion. Then a room with a couple of treasure chests, and finally a large room with a gargoyle. There's also an open garden area, where goblins will appear....and they keep coming until you get back indoors. Nothing too complex, so I think it will work as a decent introduction.


Once again, this has been left for way too long. so long I forgot my password again!!! As a reminder it's the black 2 wheeler.