Friday, 25 July 2008

My Skeletal Warriors

I've recently bought my first packs of Caesar fantasy figures for use with THE FANTASY TRIP. So far I have painted a small army of dwarves, a simiar sized unit of skeletons and have just started some Orcs. (I also have a large number of Humans, which are in various states of completion - these range from fully armoured knights, right through to ancient germans wearing nothing but a grin!)

The units for my own use have been based on pennies, and I have not yet photographed them. I have however photographed some of the surplus units, which I am putting up for sale (No doubt to fund further fantasy armies for me and the boys!).

Skeletons x 10 for sale

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Jayster said...

This set remained unsold, which is actually quite good. I have now based them and incorporated them into my Song Of Blades & Heroes undead army.