Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Orcs are calling

Many, many years ago - (35 to be precise.) I bought a tiny little game called MELEE. It was very easy to play, and was soon to become my favorite game. It's a small scale battle for 2 players, each controlling up to 4 fighters.

I soon added to it by buying WIZARD. Again it was very simple, and added magic into the mix. This was to be my first introduction to Fantasy Gaming. Not long after that I added a handful of solitaire supplements (Death Test 1 and 2 / Grail Quest), then finally bought the expanded rules - ADVANCED MELEE / WIZARD and IN THE LABYRINTH.

However, as the years passed, my interest shifted from playing games on paper, to playing the field in the game of love, and all my FANTASY TRIP games stuff was filed away in the loft.

Well time has now gone full circle, I have a couple of young sons, and both are showing an interest in toy soldiers, especially (as is the way with young boys with a somewhat macabre taste) in skeleton warriors, so it would make sense to gradually introduce them to the game I loved so much. Perhaps they will take to it, perhaps they won't. Whichever way, I can hear the Orcs calling to me!

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