Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Green Stuff On The Green Men

I just got my hands on a few strips of GREEN STUFF. so last night I had my first go at modifying some figures with it. As I have read, it really is like trying to sculpt with pre chewed, chewing gum.

Considering it was my first attempt, I think the results are OK. I have yet to photograph them, but i will do over the next few days, prior to painting.

the figures in question are the Caesar Orcs. When I recieved them, the flag bearer (of all figures! as it is the only 1 of it's type in the pack.) was broken. At first I was somewhat disappointed, but I soon decided to use that to my advantage. With the standard loose, it meant ANY suitable figure could become the standard bearer. The orginal one became an orc wizard, so has had a bauble / head grafted onto his staff.

One of the more animated club wavers has now been allocated the flag.

The other additions are coin pouches on one figure, a side bag on another, a rope / chain garrot has replaced a bow, one has just had a cloak or cloth slung over his shoulder and a final figure has had new headgear / hair added.

When I first broke off about 2cm of the strip, I wondered if it wouldbe too little to accomplish what I wanted to. As it turns out, I had way over estimated, and I would say that almost half went to waste - (although it will be painted up to be a boulder or somthing in a dungeon.)

On 1/72 fgures, a little really does go a long way.

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