Thursday, 4 November 2010

Photo update. Modular Dungeon

Regulars on the Hirst Arts website, or TMP may well recognise these shots - I haven't done any more photos at the moment.

this first shot is a small wizards room. Figure is from the Caesar fantasy range, skeletons, but I have replaced the head with one of the hebrew warriors. The globe, telescope and book case are from Mega Minis - The rest of course is made using Hirst Arts and A&K studios moulds cast in Herculite 2.

This shot from above shows the problem with facing. You cannot really tell exactly which side of the hex a figure is facing. Some figures it is more obvious than others, but the coloured spot method will resolve it for all figures.

Orcs in a wide passageway waiting to ambush a party of adventurers.

A small dining area - Obviously a good setting to instigate a punch up,with plenty of furnitur to hurl about or get in the way :)

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