Friday, 5 November 2010

My first Hirst bridge.

I've had the bridge mould in my collection for a while, but never got around to making one. Well, now I have and I think it's OK.

This first one is a fairly small bridge and not over the top with regards to ornaments, but it's practical. Once again it's based on a hex floor pattern for the Fantasy Trip - (specifically the Arthurian Legend - Grail Quest)

Because I was not using the actual base for the bridge road, leveliing it all up correctly was a bit of a sod, and as a result it's not perfect - it is however quite useable, which is the main thing.

Bruce suggests using a piece of card to stiffen the bridge floor, but I wanted a grubbier underside appearence, so i opted for a toilet paper / papermache affair. I think it's worked quite well, and as it is made with a fair amount of PVA glue, is actually a very sturdy finish.

and yes - It does look a bit like a frog :)

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