Thursday, 4 November 2010

No - Really I'm am working on my projects!!!

it seems that my most reent posts are by way of an apology for not doing anything, so you probably expect this to be the same. But NO!

I have started work on my modular dungeon for The Fantasy Trip. I have made several floor tiles and a few wall sections, although there is still a long way to go.

I've also worked out a system which I think may work for both figure ID purposes and to resolve the facing issue with miniatures.

For those who know the Fantasy Trip system from Metagaming, you will know it is based around Hexes for movement, and facing is important during battles as there is an advantage to taking an opponent from behind (ooer missus) or attacking from the side. it is therefore important to know exactly where the front face of a figure is. That is fine with the card board counters, because wherever the head is printed is assumed to be the front. The facing of a 1/72 mini though can be more open to interpretation. So - I have made a small white spot on the edge of the base Job done.

next problem is ID. The counters all have a letter printed on, the names are then chosen to start with that initial. I cannot paint clearly enough a letter that small - So I am putting a small coloured spot inside the facing spot. so now the character sheets will be ID'd somethign like this:

Goblin, archer, red. / Goblin, club, blue / Human, wizard, green / etc, etc.

We'll see how it works later.

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