Thursday, 2 October 2008

What colour should GOBLINS be?

The Caesar Goblins have arrived. I still think the Orcs are the best from this collection, but the Goblins are pretty good. Originally I had planned to make my goblin flesh green, the same as the orcs, but having seen them, and noticing that a couple of the poses would work very well as orc children playing - I was left with a dilema.

I'd like to paint a few of the goblins as Orc Children, playing with a ball, or with a stick, I might even use a little imagination and green stuff to make other suitable 'toys'.

This however presents a problem. That being, how to differentiate between orc children and goblin adult warriors.

I'm considering painting the goblins grey, light brown or possibly even blue? But would welcome any views. Perhaps a different shade of green?????

I will also be doing a couple of them red, to make them into little devil / imp type creatures.

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James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Green. The difference between orc children and goblins is that goblins are more likely to have real spears, not toy ones.