Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Architecture for the Races.

I first started thinking about this when I ordered the pack of Goblins from Caesar miniatures. I already had a rough idea of the styel of buildings I wanted for dwarves and orcs. I'd sketched out a few basics in my mind for Elves, but was stumped when it came to Goblins - SO - I put the question to those good folks at TMP, to see what they thought.

The response was fantastic, and I now have a good idea how I want to go about modelling a Goblin settlement.

I will also be taking on board the idea of making up ruined shells of building to build makeshift structures such as those above onto,and of course caves. (Caves would entail much larger terrain boards than i can currently manage or store though!!!

Here are a couple of very rough layout ideas for elf architecture windows and doors.

This is an idea I had for a possible orc structure.

This is how I envisage the differing styles of architecture.

well built, squat structures. Built to be robust and practical, but not adorned with much in the way of decoration. I like the idea of broad arched doors and windows, simple squared walls and everythign being generally well built to serve a purpose.

I consider elves to be artistic and elegant, so want to portray that in their buildings. Equally well built, but with slender windows with elegant decorative arches - Perhaps some with unusual shapes. Buildings to be as attractive as they are practical, maybe more so.

I prefer the idea of Orcs being very much like humans (as described in The Fantasy Trip). I would consider them to be a little clumsy and savage, but still capable of building permanent stone homes. I would see thier style as being somewhat hostile, so the idea of rough un-inviting doorways would work. I think that Orcs would use ornamentation to disuade visitors. The buildings should be sturdy and stable, but not particulalry well or carefully built, and adorned with those little touches that make it unattractive.

Any views would be welcome.

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