Friday, 3 October 2008

More terrain pieces made.

No pictures today though.... Sorry.

I took out all the cast pieces last night, to make a copy of the fountian I have up for sale. That has come out looking really nice, so I'm looking forward to painting it.

I let Ryan rummage through the blocks, take out whatever he wanted and build a set of ruins himself. Some time over the weekend we may try to paint it. Design wise it looks really good, and would certainly make a fitting piece of terrain in many games. He really thinks about where elements are going, and why they are going there. (It may not be the way I would do something myself, but that is after all the whole point.)

I've also started a small ruined building which will form the basis for my goblin encampment. I think a collection of natural twigs and matchsticks etc will form a suitable framework over the stonework, then I will have to experiment with making durable coverings.

Finally I have assembled the front section to my elven great house. I think that will turn out to be my largest structure (even though I have only fully planned small segments for front and rear of the building,a nd have a vague idea of how the side turrets should be). At this stage I have no idea how I want to tackle the roof!

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that you are quite interesting, especially the bot on the goat and the slinky.. Think I'll use that in a campaign sometime. I too have just in the past two weeks gotten into Hirst Arts and am frustrated by my failures with a quick drying strong glue....Maybe I am not waiting long enough for the pieces.. Advice would be great. Nice little dwarven piece, add a fence and a small chimney for a forge and you have a great dwarven cottage...