Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ryan's modelling

So, following on from the dungeon scene, Ryans wanted to have a little play with some green stuff. I broke off a small amount, worked it together for him, and gave him a clix figure to experment with - (Sorry no pictures at teh moment, for any of this piece.).

He did a pretty good job of building up a big hand gun, which he then painted a copper / bronze colour, and also making a semi-fish looking helmet. Some minor alterations to the paint job, and job done.

Of course, all this time, we can't leave Ryan's younger brother out..... BUT, I have to confess I go into a bit of a sweat when I let him loose with a brush and enamal paint. Hardly surprising, as he is only 4!

Anyway - Dec had 2 figures, I put a few drops of paint into a pallet for him ... (What? - You expected me to give him an open tin of Humbrol???? - You're as mad as I am !). He proceeeded to paint his figure mostly green. Also added a bit of green stuff, then lost interest and wanted to go and do something else.


Today the Hirst Arts blocks arrived which means that Ryan and me can work on his Egyptian tomb. Not sure quite how I feel about this yet. The plaster blocks seem a little more powdery than I expected. - Certainly more powdery than the Linka plaster I used to do. I expected these blocks to be crisper and less powdery, as they are made of dental plaster.

I will of course upadate as things progress.

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Ben said...

Where did you get the blocks to build with? Did you make them yourself, or use one of the re-sellers of blocks I've seen on the internet?