Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Elves has left the building!

Another lonely guy battle report coming up. Yep - a late night, solo effort, along similar lines to my previous battle report. - (I had intended to do a solo dungeon type thingy, but by the time I got round to setting up, I thought a big dungeon escapade would run till the LATE hours, not just the early hours!)

However, I did want to push things a little further, and try out a hunch which came to light in the Orcs v Dwarves battle.

wanted firstly to set up a larger scale skirmish, so each force was allocated 580 points (almost double the suggested army size.)

The first thing that sprang to mind following the previous battle, was how poorly the orcs performed when not under the guidance of a leader. So, for this reason I appointed 2 War-Chief figures, and intended to keep the archers and warriors bunched up in a couple of carefully managed groups.

The elves had just one standard bearer / commander, but the overall quality of the elves tends to indicate that they can look after themselves a little more effectively anyway.

Unit breakdown was as follows:

6 x Wood Elf Warrior - 36 pt = 216
1 x Elf Commander - 100 pt = 100
2 x Elf Cavalry - 60 pt = 120
3 x Wood Elf Archer - 50 pt = 150
TOTAL = 586

2 x Orc War Chief - 100 pt= 200
10 x Orc Warrior - 23 pt = 230
5 xOrc Archer - 29 pt = 145
TOTAL = 575

The set up was that the elves were spread randomly around a village set up and wooded area toward one end of the board, The orcs invaded from the opposite end. Then let battle commence.
Orcs started with 1 free move, but wasted it by floundering at the first attempt. The 2 elf cavalry units moved round in a pincer move to both flanks , (which in retrospect was probably a very poor maneuver) - Both attempted to engage the orcs, both however fell quickly, one being so brutally hacked to bits that the elf leader and 2 warriors were forced to beat a hasty retreat.

One of the elves managed to pick off a lone orc, but wokring as a group one of the elf archers was surrounded and under heavy attack. The elf leader managed to despatch one of the orc warriors, but in retaliation the gang of orcs butcher the lone archer - causing yet more panic in the ranks and making all but one warrior retreat to the safety of the woods.

Once again the leader leaps in and manages to kill one of the orc chiefs, causing panic, and being so close to the board edge, forcing 3 orcs to flee in terror.

The lone elf found himself surrounded and bludgeoned to death, then the elf leader was surrounded and un protected.

By now, it was getting pretty late, and the remaining elves surrounded a couple of detached orcs. The orc archers moved in but failed to make a hit, and as tiredness took over I declared a virtual draw. Perhaps a hollow victory for the elves, due to the loss of the orc leader and subsequent panic.

All in all, a good battle, but fairly unfulfilling end. - Only a couple of pictures taken, niether of which is good enough to post.

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