Monday, 22 September 2008

Igidbor The First

Igidbor is the name Ryan has given to the first of his earned egyptian undead warriors.

I will start out by explaining what is happening. Currently my eldest son is struggling with reading. It's not because he's not clever, it's because he can't be bothered to try most of the time. Maybe the books he is bringing home don't inspire him to want to read - (This has actually shown up as a possible reason, as I bought him a copy of a book called Vesuvius Poovius from a charity shop at the weekend, and even though it has some very difficult words in it, he is ploughing his way through it, and whizzing through the key words with ease. Even a lot of the trickier words are presenting few problems - I think it's because mummy can't read some of it, and it's about poo!)

Anyway - I digress. One of the ways I thought I could encourage him to read, was through bribery. Eventually I hope the enjoyment of the stories is all the encouragement required to spur him on. But at the moment I have opted for the "Do your reading and writing, and earn good stuff" ploy. It's working too!

I bought a small number of figures from Black-Tree Designs, which have now arrived. these are to go with the small Egyptian tomb room we made and painted together.

To earn the figures he has to read whatever books the school send home, plus a little extra reading of a book / books that we choose together (which are likely to be more interesting) every night. He must also write out whatever spelling homework that the school send home, which is normally at the end of the week.

I've bought a hardback book which I am startign from both ends. At one end, Ryan will draw each warrior as he gets it, give it a name and write it next to the warrior. I will also paste in photographs of them at whatever stage he wants. Currenly he wants them in bare metal, but if he decides he wants to paint them later, or wants me to paint them, then that's what we will do..

SO - Igidbor The First. The name was written while I was making a cup of tea, when I asked how he came about the name he said "Because he comes from Egypt - (So the name is pronounced Egypdor.) I didn't correct the spelling for a couple of reasons:
1 - It looks good as it is.
2 - It's a name, so can be spelled however he wants.
3 - There is no reason to quash his enthusiasm, when he is obviously trying really hard.

Hopefully, all going well, he should earn his next figure next weekend, and at the same time progress further with his reading and writing.

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My suggestion for you to encourage your brother for studies and ask him what does he really wants.