Wednesday, 19 November 2008

TOP SECRET - Christmas Presents

Sorry I cannot post pictures of my latest 2 Hirst Arts builds at the moment. They are both Christmas presents. Both are, in my humble opinion, the best builds I have done to date. Each is a larg-ish, single roomed, single floored bulding with a 4" round tower. I did the first for a cousin, and when my wife saw it, she said I would have to build one for my eldest son as well..... I can see I will also have to make a smaller one for my younger son as well - But I need more plaster!

I will post pictures AFTER Christmas.

as well as the buildings, I am also painting a small unit of knights / men at arms, to go with each one - (Probably about a dozen 1/72 scale figures for each.)

Last night I was up till casting the final blocks required - I am however still a couple short, so will be doing a final cast at work this lunchtime. By the weekend I should be finished with the builds and can work on the painting.

Busy, busy, busy.

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